In today's text-obsessed world, is there really anything better than getting a text from your guy when you want it most? That's basically the premise behind Straight No Chaser's hilarious, festive-themed 'Text Me Merry Christmas,' featuring Kristen Bell.

"A Facebook message isn't quite as sweet, I need more from @you than just a tweet," Kristen sweetly sings on the holiday-happy, emoji-filled lyric video. "A snap on Snapchat doesn't last, and a voicemail is from Christmas past."

Clearly, that means the only thing left to do is just send that one 'Merry Christmas' text on Christmas morning -- preferably with a selfie, they make sure to point out.

While the entire lyric vid had us rolling, one of our favorite parts -- and trust us, there was many to choose from -- is probably when Straight No Chaser actually sang the text noises. Pure. Christmas. Gold.