Rita Ora strikes the perfect balance of cute and sexy with her denim jacket and blonde bob combo on the August cover of Flare Magazine.

The 23-year-old singer opened up to the Canadian magazine on a variety of subjects, including her music inspirations, her love of “glamah” (glamour) and her addiction to social media.

On the dramatic colors of her new Rimmel collection: “I based the Rimmel collection names on something that I find interesting — the world of sex and intimacy. They don’t have to be non-approachable subjects.” (For example, she’s got a nail polish line with fun names like ‘White Hot Love’ and ‘Midnight Rendezvous.’ Who wouldn't want that on their nails?!)

On her love of "glamah": "When I wear crazy stuff, [my mom]'ll say, ‘I need sex. I need glamah.’ I got obsessed with makeup and makeup artists when I was young, with people like Kevyn Aucoin."

On fellow female inspiration:Beyonce built her f---ing foundation from the bottom. I think that’s the career every female artist wants to have.” But as far as musical inspiration, the deep vibrato of Gwen Stefani is more her style.

On whether she’s a “boss bitch”: “What does a boss feel like? I can’t say it, I can’t. Because a boss-ass bitch doesn’t say they’re a boss. Everyone knows.”

On collaborating with Prince: “People like Prince don’t have to care about anything, but they care because they want music for the future to be great. It makes me feel like, ‘Jesus f---ing Christ! They think I can do it!’ It makes me proud to have a voice.”

On her obsession with social media: “I’m on it as soon as I wake up. I scroll with one eye open. It’s like a drug.” (We feel ya, Rita.)