2014 Samsung Galaxy S5 Commercial – What’s the Song?

by | PopCrush

The concept behind the new Samsung Galaxy S5 commercial is simple: They want to show viewers how awesome the phone is without any gimmicks — just by featuring the phone alongside rave reviews as a steady beat plays in the background. What’s the background track?

It’s ‘Think Differently’ by Wu Tang Clan, arguably one of the biggest hip-hop groups of all-time. While the Samsung commercial only samples the back beat, the full song — which is on the group’s 2005 compilation album ‘Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture Volume 1′ — features artists like Casual, Roc Marciano and more. While the song definitely helps pump up the advertisement, we can’t deny that the ultimate irony lies within the track’s title. ‘Think Differently’ is pretty darn similar to ‘Think Different,’ which was the highly publicized slogan of Apple (Samsung’s competitor) in the mid-’90s. Awkward!

Check out the commercial above, and listen to the full track of ‘Think Different’ below.

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