2014 Taco Bell Quesarito ‘Imagine’ Commercial – What’s the Song?

by | PopCrush

The 2014 Taco Bell Quesarito ‘Imagine’ commercial is all about two unexpected things coming together. When two strangers sit down on a bench next to each other, the guy thinks he’s found his soulmate and quickly fantasizes about his life with this mystery girl, while the girl gets the genius idea to combine her burrito and his quesadilla into one cheesy delicious mixture called a “quesarito.” Of course, as each stranger is daydreaming each fantasy, a breezy, love-filled tune plays in the background. What’s the song?

The track is ‘Love Away’ by Capital Cities, and is featured on their 2013 debut album, ‘In a Tidal Wave of Mystery.’ The indie duo, most well-known for their hit ‘Safe and Sound,’ fuse electronic beats with a catchy, happy-go-lucky chorus that just makes you want to smile and “love away.”

Watch the 2014 Taco Bell Quesarito commercial above, and listen to the full track of Capital Cities’ ‘Love Away’ below.

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