Watch 5 Seconds of Summer Create Dating Profiles for Each Other [VIDEO]

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What would it be like if the guys of 5 Seconds of Summer did online dating? Well, wonder no more, because Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael all just made dating profiles for each other. And yes, it’s totally epic.

When 5SOS stopped by Atlanta-based radio show ‘The Bert Show,’ the hosts reminded Michael and Ashton that they had previously made up online dating profiles for Luke and Calum — so of course, they had to return the favor.

For a refresher on Michael and Ashton’s picks for Luke and Calum, they described Luke as 7 feet and 5 inches tall with “erect” hair, “ready for anything,” and has a love of green beans. Calum, on the other hand, “thinks [he’s] a gangster but [he’s] not” and rocks some “talented eyebrows.”

According to Luke, Ashton “has a glorious tan 90 percent of the time,” “likes broccoli with cheese on it,” rocks some “muscular legs” and has a pretty sweet middle name: Fletcher. (Luke also admitted that he’s pretty good “boyfriend material.”) As for Michael, “he has a pretty awesome laptop” and he’s kind of a chameleon, considering his hair changes color depending on where he is, Ashton jokes.

“So, say if you went to an Italian restaurant and you were eating bolognese, your hair would go red,” Ashton explained. “And if you were at a Whole Foods it would be green.”

Watch the guys create dating profiles for each other (and talk One Direction and which A-list celebs they’d date!) in the video above.

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