5 Seconds of Summer Put on Thongs, Talk Dating Fans + More on ‘Live From MTV’ [VIDEO]

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When we’re not busy counting down to 5 Seconds of Summer’s debut album, we’re watching them promote it on a live stream by eating Chinese food and putting on thongs. Nothing out of the ordinary for a day in the 5SOS family.

The band kicked off their ‘Live From MTV’ appearance by performing an acoustic version of their latest single ‘Amnesia.’ Michael, Luke, Calum and Ashton rocked it out, and though Luke admitted afterwards that playing the song makes them feel a little sad, they perked right back up to answer fans’ questions.

When asked about the support from their fan base, Michael gratefully gushed, “They put in such dedication to being our fans. It’s amazing.”

And to pay back the incredible support, Calum promised he’s committed to not wearing pants at their upcoming performance at the 2014 MTV VMAs, where the band will also contend for their first ever Moonman. They’re still working on their acceptance speech, though.

“We need a witty one-liner to blow people away,” Ashton said. The rest of the guys didn’t seem to have any suggestions, but they’ve got time to work on it.

In between competing to see who could put on the most pairs of underwear in 30 seconds (Michael), and who could eat the most pot stickers (Ashton), the Aussie band admitted that the biggest adjustment to their newfound fame is all of the people.

“It gets really intense,” Ashton shared. “A lot of people want to talk to you. You probably speak to a few hundred people a day.”

“We still don’t have any more friends,” Calum added.

They certainly have friends in the One Direction boys, who they’re currently touring with for the second consecutive year. This tour is bigger and better in nearly every way — such as traveling to new places and seeing more people singing along to their songs, according to Ashton — but there is one disappointment: “There’s a decrease in nudity on the tour this year,” Ashton revealed, adding that they have yet to see a nude Harry Styles. What’s up with that, Harry?

The 5SOS guys are staying clothed thanks to gifts from their fans. “Most of my t-shirts come from fans,” Luke told MTV.

Calum continued, “They feed us, they clothe us; it’s like having lots of people taking care of you.”

Speaking of fans, the guys said that they would be willing to date one! They’re keeping the hope alive for us.

“Fans are just people who happen to like your music,” Luke explained.

“It’s a bonus if your girlfriend likes your music, definitely not a downfall,” Ashton agreed.

But we might have a few choice ladies to compete with — namely big TV stars.

“I’m a big Oprah Winfrey fan,” Calum said.

Ellen DeGeneres,” Luke chose for his best lookin’ lady celebrity of the moment. “I think she’s wonderful.”

Catch a replay of 5 Second of Summer’s live stream up above!

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