Adam Lambert’s ‘Underground’ Is an R&B Slow Burn

by | PopCrush

Adam Lambert has unveiled another song from The Original High, and it’s very different from the ’90s house-influenced “Ghost Town”. This one’s a moody, piano-driven R&B ballad that builds.

“Underground” is about the feeling of missing someone every time they leave the room, with lines like “When you’re gone it’s like I’m one second in time / I’m frozen.” Adam sings of being lost without his love, and not feeling complete until they return: “I look at myself and I don’t know / How I’m stuck to ya like Velcro / Can’t rip you off and go solo.”
It’s a less-than-healthy, codependent, obsessive sort of infatuation, but one that most of us have felt at one time or another. Max Martin and Shellback co-produced the dark track.

In keeping with the theme of Lambert’s album title, substance abuse references abound here, and love is the drug: “I’m hooked I can’t cut ya off / In my blood I’m gonna say it now“. Synths and finger-snaps add intensity to Lambert’s escalating fervor. You can listen to “Underground” in the video above.

The Original High is set for release on June 16. Check out the track list, featuring collaborations with Tove Lo and Queen’s Brian May that we’re especially looking forward to, below.

1. “Ghost Town”
2. “The Original High”
3. “Another Lonely Night”
4. “Underground”
5. “There I Said It”
6. “Rumor” feat. Tove Lo
7. “Evil in the Night”
8. “Lucy” feat. Brian May
9. “Things I Didn’t Say”
10. “The Light”
11. “Heavy Fire”
12. “After Hours” (Bonus Track)
13. “Shame” (Bonus Track)
14. “These Boys” (Bonus Track)

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