Listen to Alex & Sierra’s New Song ‘Just Kids’

by | PopCrush

‘X Factor’ champs Alex & Sierra are busy gearing up for the release of their debut album, ‘It’s About Us,’ and while the adorable couple/music duo are enjoying the success of their first single, ‘Scarecrow,’ they also couldn’t resist giving fans even more of a taste of their album, with their track ‘Just Kids.’

The summery song is all about the whimsical freedom that youth brings, backed by an upbeat tempo and the perfect blend of the duo’s sweet vocals.

“We’re just kids setting stuff on fire,” they sing happily on the chorus. And while the actual lyrics may be a little surprising at first, don’t necessarily take them too literally — “setting stuff on fire” could, of course, be a metaphor for those carefree days without a worry in the world. And who doesn’t get nostalgic for that?

Listen to Alex & Sierra’s new track ‘Just Kids’ above!

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