Amy Schumer Recreates Madonna’s ‘Truth Or Dare’ in Photoshoot

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A true professional will always do any necessary research, and in the case of Amy Schumer—who will open for Madonna along select Rebel Heart Tour dates this fall—assuming the role of the Material Girl in a photoshoot was just part of preparing for the job.

Schumer, whose Trainwreck is now in theaters, tapped into Her Madgesty’s Truth or Dare creative for an upcoming feature in Empire, and in a sneak peek of the image gallery, she convincingly exudes true movie star fashion. Still, she’s not convinced she’s running with the Hollywood elite quite yet.

“I don’t think anybody knows who the f— I am,” she bluntly told the magazine, but said the process of creating 2015’s most popular romcom gave her hope it could eventually happen. “The first meeting with Judd [Apatow] was maybe four years ago. I left it feeling like something special happened, like it might change my life.”

Still, no matter what success may come, the comedian plans to hold tight to her say-anything shtick, and told Entertainment Weekly last month she has every intention of fangirling at Madonna’s show once her duties are done.

“I’m just excited to be close up to the stage and scream-sing her songs,” she said, and shared that her addition to the tour was a total shock. “There is no one in the world I’d want to open for more. I was just jumping up and down and called all my girlfriends from high school.”

How do you think Schumer’s images match up to Madge’s originals? Check out the full story and photos over at Empire, and sound off in the comments below.

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