Here’s What Anna Nicole Smith’s Daughter Looks Like Now

by | PopCrush
Dannielynn Birkhead Larry Birkhead
Neilson Barnard, Getty Images

They grow up so fast. Dannielynn Birkhead, the daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith, attended the 2015 Kentucky Derby alongside her father, Larry Birkhead, which has become something of a tradition for the father-daughter team. Though the two matched in pink, Dannielynn totally stole the show and the resemblance to her late mother is undeniable.

The eight-year-old girl (which, seriously, we can’t believe she’s already eight!) wore a light pink dress peppered with roses with a pink headband and sandals. Her father followed suit, wearing a slightly brighter-pink blazer and tie. Dannielynn and Larry attend the event every year together, as it holds a special significance for them: Larry first met Anna Nicole at a Kentucky Derby party back in May 2004.

While losing Anna Nicole was undoubtedly difficult, Larry opened up about caring for Dannielynn as a single father. In an interview with OWN he said (quote via Entertainment Tonight), “Sometimes she wants to put makeup on me, or fingernail polish or whatever, and I try to go along with it ’cause I figure if her mom were here, she would be doing some of the same things.”

He also went on to explain that he has had conversations with Dannielynn about fame and the fact that she is going to be in the public eye. He said, “Dannielynn knows that there’s this curiosity factor, because of who her mom was, and that she’s famous and that people want to know about her.”

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