Ariana Grande Adopts New Precious Puppy, Fawkes [PHOTO + VIDEOS]

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Ariana Grande
Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images

Taylor Swift has already taken the prize for cutest kitten ever, and now Ariana Grande is coming after the title for cutest puppy ever!

The ‘Problem’ singer announced on Instagram today (Aug. 7) that she adopted a tiny red-orange ball of fluff named Fawkes. She shared a black-and-white photo of the pup with the caption, “Want to introduce y’all to somebody… this is Fawkes! I adopted her while I was in Florida last month. She is an angel!!! and a bad ass bitch haha. she’s got the fiercest, sweetest and most daring nature! Constantly play fighting and wrestling with Toulouse even tho she’s half his size. She is so brave. I love her.”

It sounds like Fawkes has a fiery spirit! Assuming Ariana named her after the ‘Harry Potter’ character — Albus Dumbledore’s phoenix companion — then the name is a perfect fit.

The 21-year-old star also posted a video of herself playing fetch with Fawkes, who bounds across a grassy yard after a red and blue ball nearly half the size of her body.

Ariana, equipped with her powerhouse voice, knows that big things come in little packages. Like mama, like daughter! Fawkes doesn’t seem intimidated at all by the pack of dogs she’s joining, even though she’s definitely the littlest of the bunch! Ari posted a vid of the newest pack member wrestling playfully with Toulouse.

What do you think, PopCrushers + Arianators? Did Ariana adopt the cutest puppy ever?

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