Ariana Grande Denies Nude Photos: ‘I Don’t Take Pictures Like That’

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Christopher Polk, Getty Images

Ariana Grande is denying that the nude picture leak actually contained photos of her.

The ‘Problem’ actress spoke out about the supposed photos to a videographer at Pacific Coast News, cordially explaining:

“Those weren’t me! It was funny though,” she told the paparazzo, before listing off a series of reasons how it was actually someone else in the pic: “That’s not my room. That’s not my cat. That’s not my belly button ring. That’s not my hair. That’s not my profile.”

“I was like, ‘Whoever that is… alright.’ No, that’s not me,” she continued, explaining: “Yeah, it is invasive, but at least it wasn’t me. I don’t take pictures like that.”

But when the PCN videographer joked around with her, asking her if she was sure, Grande laughed and replied:

“I swear I don’t. I promise.”

Arianators, you can head over to TMZ to watch Ariana Grande speak out on the photos.

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