Austin Mahone Gets to Know the Real Vamps, Fifth Harmony + Shawn Mendes in Mockumentary [VIDEO]

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Austin Mahone is currently headlining a North American tour alongside the Vamps, Fifth Harmony and Shawn Mendes, and it makes sense that he would want to get to know his tourmates! However, we doubt he expected the weirdness he encountered…

First up, Austin had a chance meeting with the Vamps in a hallway backstage, where they taught him all about English customs and the differences between Brits and Americans — even if Austin didn’t believe them. “I’m pretty sure that’s not a thing in England,” he said when Brad explained that in the UK, people walk and drive on the left side. (Hint: It is.)

Austin then moved on to kick it with his hopefully less weird American pals, Fifth Harmony. Apparently he hadn’t gotten the memo that the girl band reinvented themselves as Thug Harmony. Decked out in snapbacks and oversized chains, the girls took turns beatboxing and spitting rhymes. Harmonizers, we hope you’re fans of rap!

But surely Shawn Mendes would add some normalcy to the tour chaos, right? Try again. According to Shawn, the venue’s ground is lava, and he has telekinesis powers that allow him to move a water bottle across a room and directly into Austin’s hands. Also, he loves mustard. Like, really, really loves mustard.

Of course, it’s a tour mockumentary, so we’re not exactly taking notes on the artists’ personalities from this video. We are applauding their funny ideas and comedic timing, though!

Take a look at the full mockumentary in the video above!

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