Azealia Banks Is a Warrior Queen Elsa in ‘Ice Princess’ Video

by | PopCrush

Azealia Banks is cold as ice in her new music video.

Azealia is no stranger to making bold and visually inspired music videos, and her latest, “Ice Princess,” is no exception. In it, the “Wallace” rapper stars as an iced-out warrior queen, channeling Medusa and Queen Elsa all at once. She sits in her ice fortress as a monstrous frozen snake circles her throne. Later, she rides the ferocious familiar into battle, leading an army of pseudo Cylons to destroy a volcano erupting psychedelic lava blobs.

“Ice Princess” features Azealia rapping about her icy tendencies, calls out her haters, predicts she will be a “legendary” and drops references to Aphrodite and Anna Wintour. The song appears on Banks’ 2014 album Broke with Expensive Taste.

Watch Azealia Banks’ chilling “Ice Princess” video above!

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