Before You Exit Take Us Behind-The-Scenes of Their NYC Photoshoot: Premiere

by | PopCrush

Earlier in the week, we presented the newest boy band you’ll want to get in your life (and in your music library) immediately: Before You Exit.

The Orlando-based trio, made up of brothers Riley, Connor and Toby McDonough, recently touched down in New York City for a quick photo shoot, which they managed to squeeze in right in the middle of their ongoing tour with The Vamps, and we’re happy to premiere the behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot today on PopCrush.

It seems as though the trio is going for a very literal interpretation of their catchy new cut “Model,”, because they all quite literally do look like models while snapping their promotional shots.

Snapped in Brooklyn, the boys are presented with a ton of stylish clothes (and an enviable array of shoes!) as they partake in various group and solo shots around the photoshoot space — but not without a brief pineapple snack break, of course.

The troupe, who just inked a record deal with RCA Records, will play their final show on their tour with The Vamps on August 8 in LA, and will perform at The New Albany Classic in Ohio on September 20..

Check out Before You Exit behind-the-scenes of their NYC photoshoot up top and their new single “Model” below, and keep up with everything BYE on Twitter and Facebook.

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