Beyonce Visits a Struggling Children’s Hospital in Haiti, Shares Video

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Excuse us while we schedule an appointment with our ophthalmologist: Beyonce‘s own halo has just left us nearly blind.

On May 16, Bey visited young patients at St. Damien Pediatric Hospital in Tabarre, Haiti, where Dr. Jacqueline Gautier described a harrowing state of affairs reflected in the footage: Every day, 150 children show up for care, but—as the hospital is significantly understaffed as consequence of a funding crisis—many are turned away, and employees have to abide by system of triage to determine which they can help.

In the video above, which the singer posted to her YouTube channel yesterday (June 9), Beyonce tours the clinic with the facility’s medical professionals, listens to their stories of hardship and aims to lighten the patients’ moods by giving high-fives and handing out books. It’s certainly not a quick fix to the looming crisis, but it puts a few smiles on the faces of kids who are struggling to get through pneumonia, or mothers of premature infants who are fighting to stay alive.

“Access to healthcare in Haiti is very difficult,” Gautier says in the clip, who adds the state of the country’s healthcare will improve with greater access to vaccines. “It’s heartbreaking sometimes to send children away, but many times, we have no choice.”

Inspired to help? Consider snatching up a BeyGOOD T-shirt, the proceeds from which will help St. Damien re-open an abandoned wing and extend its care to those who need it most.

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