Beyonce Releases Eerie ‘Haunted’ Music Video

by | PopCrush

Every time we think we’ve seen Beyonce at her finest and are convinced there’s no possible way she could get any better, she proves us wrong. It’s especially true with the release of her latest video for her song ‘Haunted.’

Beyonce looks gorgeous (like usual) and totally in charge, which is nothing new. But the video definitely goes for an angle in line with the title of the song, as it shows a bunch of super eerie imagery.

Beyonce drives up to a mansion, dressed to kill, and as she walks through its different hallways she passes rooms full of people decked out in totally creepy makeup and costumes. Each of them acts out something hedonistic, which fits perfectly with the breathy, sensual feel of the song.

It feels like something straight out of ‘American Horror Story,’ and we’re totally obsessed. Check out the video posted above!

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