Did Topless Photos of Beyonce Leak Online?

by | PopCrush
Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Twitter basically exploded this morning (Oct. 14) when alleged paparazzi photos of a topless Beyonce made their way around the Web.

The pictures in question show a woman thought to be Beyonce lounging topless on a beach, covering her chest in some photos, while exposing it in others. ‘Beyonce’ immediately became a trending topic on Twitter upon the release of the pictures, though many fans are doubtful that the woman in the photos is actually Queen Bey:

Whether or not the woman in the pictures is actually Beyonce, the photos once again call attention to the invasion of privacy for women in Hollywood. While the images in question appear to be paparazzi shots and not hacked pictures like in the case of Jennifer Lawrence and others, they still raise questions about ethics and privacy laws.

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