Watch Birdy’s Hauntingly Beautiful ‘Not About Angels’ Video

by | PopCrush

We’re obsessed with Birdy‘s soulful, haunting sound, and we simply cannot get enough of her poignant tunes on ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ soundtrack. So, of course, we are absolutely loving her music video for ‘Not About Angels,’ one of her three songs written for ‘TFIOS’.

The music video is elegantly simple, featuring the 18-year-old British singer/songwriter on a baby grand piano as the city of L.A. glistens out of the window behind her.

“‘Cause what about, what about angels?” Birdy sings with heartfelt emotion, a lyric that will undoubtedly remind fans of the heart-wrenching film. “They will come, they will go, make us special.”

The video often focuses on Birdy and her reflection, and the two eventually powerfully unite to deliver the song’s evocative ending.

Check out the gorgeous simplicity that is Birdy’s ‘Not About Angels’ video above.

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