Black Friday 2014: Deals on Taylor Swift Merch, One Direction Perfume, Vinyl + More

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Anyone who has ever worked retail understands the terror that will be Black Friday 2014. Still, there are a million and one irresistible deals happening in stores throughout the country that day, so while we may personally prefer sticking to Cyber Monday — where you can do all your holiday shopping from the comfort of your own home while wearing sweat pants to accommodate those extra turkey legs you consumed over the long Thanksgiving weekend — we totally get wanting the deal on Black Friday itself.

In case you’re having some trouble finding the best Black Friday 2014 deals that are related to your favorite things, worry not! We’ve got you covered.

Urban Outfitters sports a 50 percent off sale sale (confusing, but it means the red tagged items are an additional 50 percent off), so check in for the clothing discounts, but stay for the music deals. While you’re making a dash for that fabulous Members Only jacket, be sure to check out Urban’s vinyl collection — and considering they’re the second largest vinyl-selling retailer in the U.S., they’ve got a pretty decent one. Albums by Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Lana Del Rey are currently an additional 15 percent off, so grab ’em before your weird neighbor does.

But that’s not all! Surely you’ll need somewhere to play those records? This record player as well as this one will be half-off on Friday — so long as they remain in stock.

Speaking of Taylor Swift (well, a few sentences ago), it looks like her store is gearing up for a pretty sick Black Friday 2014 deal — though we’re not quite sure exactly what it is, her official store states that the savings will be begin on Thanksgiving Day, so be sure to check back and get what you can!

For the Directioners out there looking to smell their best for that special someone (our special someone is Zayn Malik, who’s yours?), head on over to Macy’s to get a serious deal on those One Direction perfumes.

Beliebers, we’re not leaving you out! While not exclusive to Black Friday, Justin Bieber’s online store is sporting an awesome sale with a ton of merch currently discounted. Head on over there to check it out!

Little Monsters, your Mother Monster has def not forgotten you, as Lady Gaga‘s store is also having a huge sale right now! Check it out to get anything from a set of Christmas cards more than half off to a few T-shirts at only 15 bucks.

More interested in books? No problem! According to Yahoo!, Amazon is set to release ‘Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey, Collector’s Edition’ for 80 percent off. They’ll also be offering 50 percent off the ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ Box of Books 1-8.

Target, meanwhile, will have Beats by Dre Solo HD Headphones for nearly half off, at $97.

Have fun shopping, and good luck!

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