What Wardrobe Malfunction? Britney Spears Dances Through Costume Tear

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In 2003, it was Britney Spears versus the music, but in 2015, it’s a mostly transparent catsuit that’s proven to be the pop star’s most formidable opponent.

All seemed to be going well for Brit Brit Friday night (October 16) at her Piece of Me show in Las Vegas. But soon after she and her background dancers got going on “3,” which includes many a hair flip, plenty o’ hip-shaking and stage-spanning rides inside a hollowed metallic pyramid, her garment started coming apart. Here’s hoping it’s under warranty…

In the clip above, after emerging from one of the stage’s giant props (it all happens at about 1:25), Brit motions to her dancers that the back of her ensemble has bust open. One tries to correct the split on the spot, but it seems bent on remaining open, and so, Britney presses on like someone with spinach in her teeth but no toothpick in her purse.

Soon, a whole slew of guys gather to fiddle with Brit’s costume, but when she notices that the rescue mission has begun to interfere with her choreography—which has advanced to hanging from a suspended pole—she waves ’em all off, and just keeps on going until the lights die out.

“That professionalism slays,” one YouTube user offered, while another noted “Britney’s taken her licks in the press, but this shouldn’t be one of them. I challenge someone to find a more professional performer than Brit.”

Check out Britney’s pro performance above!

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