Carly Rose Sonenclar + Boyce Avenue Mashup Eminem, Rihanna + OneRepublic [Video]

by | PopCrush

Carly Rose Sonenclar — remember her? The little girl with a big voice who was the runner up on Season 2 of ‘The X Factor’ while working with Britney Spears, has partnered with one of the members of Internet powerhouse Boyce Avenue for a totally amazeballs mashup. They took the Eminem x Rihanna smash ‘The Monster’ and cross-pollinated it with OneRepublic‘s hit ‘Counting Stars.’

But they also made it stand out by giving it an acoustic makeover and letting Miss Carly Rose’s powerhouse voice, which we loved when she was competing on our TVs every week in fall of 2012, take center stage. She pairs up nicely with a male vocal, as well.

Sonenclar and Boyce Avenue have done something a bit unimaginable, coming up with a song that sounds totally unique and new, despite being comprised of two songs that were smash hits and are instantly familiar.

Carly and Boyce Avenue also have and demonstrate some amazeballs musical chemistry. They sing like they were born to perform together. At about 2:40 in, their scorching musical heat really comes to a head.

It’s not as easy to arrange two very different songs and mingle their lyrics and melodies as it might seem, but Carly Rose and Boyce Avenue made it seem like the easiest thing in the world with their easy, breezy performance.

This is one perf we guarantee you will watch two or three times.

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