Catey Shaw’s ‘Brooklyn Girls’ Is Causing Quite the Stir [VIDEO]

by | PopCrush

Singer Catey Shaw has just made her debut with ‘Brooklyn Girls,’ a tune that glorifies the New York City borough and the “tough and pretty” girls who make it up. The track is definitely catchy, but many are harshly criticizing Shaw for the song. Vice claims that she’s released the “Rebecca Black ‘Friday’ video of Brooklyn gentrification,” and that she is further promoting the whole Brooklyn hipster stereotype.

Shaw, who has lived in Brooklyn for a year but is originally from Virginia Beach, spends the majority of the video hanging out with a diverse crowd, throwing a raging backyard party, and wearing a Brooklyn Nets hat as she sings about listening to Jay Z, drinking PBR and taking the L train — all of which has drawn some questionable comments, with Gothamist claiming that the song will make people want to move back to Ohio..

Regardless of the harsh reactions, Shaw’s ‘Brooklyn Girls’ is impossible to get out of your head, and her voice is distinct, peppy and upbeat. And it looks like she won’t let the criticisms get her down, according to this quote from the Huffington Post:

“There is no concrete definition of the Brooklyn Girl, although there’s a concrete jungle full of them,” Shaw explained, referencing Alicia Keys and Jay Z‘s hit, ‘Empire State of Mind’. “I’m a Brooklyn Girl because I am self-made, confident and individual. Any girl that lives in Brooklyn — whether born and raised or from halfway across the world — can’t make it without that signature Brooklyn attitude. [Brooklyn Girls] are a force to be reckoned with — and they dress to kill. They pave their own paths.”

Watch Catey Shaw’s ‘Brooklyn Girls’ music video above.

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