Celebrities Eating: See What Miley Cyrus, Nina Dobrev + More Ate This Week [PHOTOS]

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Miley Cyrus Nina Dobrev Celebs Eating
Neilson Barnard / David Buchan, Getty Images

What sort of food found its way onto celebrity plates and tickled their discerning palates this week? Take a peak and see who noshed on vegan, gluten-free treats and who was all about ice cream in January.

There are even some delish, homecooked meals and recipes to take a look at.

Yes, our mouths are watering. Yours will be, too. Nom nom nom nom.

Vegan and gluten-free cookies for actress and recent birthday gal Nina Dobrev.

Miley Cyrus had a popsicle of the strawberry shortcake sort.

A party pail of ice cream for Miley. She was all about the frozen delights this week.

Yummy and somewhat healthy room service for British diva Jessie J.

Harry Styles of One Direction had an “egg off.” Quick, someone call Justin Bieber, egg tosser.

Christina Milian is showing herself to be something else in the kitchen. She captioned her photo: “In the process: Stuffed Peppers w/rice & ground turkey in a sautéed chipotle garlic sauce with cheese. Sautéed spinach w/Garlic, Panko breaded Shrimp and Oven Roasted Squash w a hint of butter, brown sugar, salt & pepper.” Yeah, we’re waiting for our invite.

Miley again… showing off her southern roots with chicken and waffles. #FastFoodForever.

Check out the extra healthy fruit plate for Ashley Benson. Oh, that and some coconut water. Mmm, mmm good.

Fries, rice and beef stew? For Cher Lloyd, that’s dinner. She’s a a little gal with a big appetite.

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