Celebs Eating: See What Harry Styles, Lady Gaga + More Ate This Week [PHOTOS]

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Celebs Eating
Stuart C. Wilson / Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images

Summer must be whetting celebrities’ appetites, because there were a ton of food-related photos on Instagram this week! From yummy desserts to refreshing drinks (and maybe a few party drinks), your favorite stars were snapping photos left and right of their delicious-looking meals.

Darren Criss‘ cinnamon bun looks heavenly!

Carly Rae Jepsen regrammed this paparazzi shot of her grabbing a coffee in Los Angeles.

Ellie Goulding is just along for the ride on this trip to the grocery store!

Lance Bass got his pre-drink on before heading to his #ToastToMarriage fundraiser for marriage equality.

Kim Kardashian cooled off with a vanilla ice cream cone.

Country fried steak with gravy? Perfect southern meal for Nikki Williams!

Harry Styles enjoyed some coffee before One Direction‘s show in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Lucy Hale celebrated a friend’s birthday with an outdoor dinner.

O-Town had some fun drinking on the streets of Cologne, Germany.

Emmy Rossum is growing her very own strawberries. Yum!

Lorde posted this snapshot of her boyfriend as they chowed down on traditional ramen.

After a night of drinks and tattoos, Lady Gaga settled in for some New York pizza.

Jessica Alba met up with Chef Anthony Sasso to create a healthy (and delicious) four-course meal!

Victoria Beckham was working hard on the construction site of her forthcoming brick-and-mortar store in London. Hopefully that Coke quenched her thirst!

Jessica Alba might have found the cutest, most perfect-looking desserts ever.

Lauren Conrad‘s ring-shaped cookie is the perfect snack for a bachelorette party!

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