Watch Channing Tatum Beatbox + Eat Bugs on ‘Jimmy Fallon’ [VIDEOS]

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Channing Tatum did more than just arm wrestle Jimmy Fallon when he appeared on ‘The Tonight Show’ over the weekend. He also showed off his sick beatboxing skills (which he used to put his daughter to sleep), talked Care Bear cakes and also re-lived some pretty crazy memories while in Equador (and there’s video to prove it!)

When talking about his daughter Everly’s first birthday, Channing Tatum also took a walk down memory lane thanks to Jimmy Fallon, who produced a vintage photo of the ’22 Jump Street’ star face-planting into a birthday cake when he was a kid.

“I try to eat the cake through the pores on my face,” the hunky actor joked. “And if you notice, I’m pretty sure that that is a Care Bear cake … I liked Care Bears.” (Wonder if it was Funfetti!)

He also likes to beatbox, apparently, showing off his skills on the mic as one of Jimmy Fallon’s Roots band members spits a rhyme over the rhythm. Check it out above!

But of course, Tatum still had more to share during his late night appearance, as Fallon produced even more videos that included the actor dishing (and dining!) on Equadorian “grub” (“It doesn’t taste like chicken,” Tatum revealed) and doing backflips into the Amazon River. You can check out those clips in the video below — but only if you have a strong stomach. Enjoy!

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