Charlie vs. Swayze: Adorable Little Boy Nails ‘Dirty Dancing’ Scene [VIDEO]

by | PopCrush

You know who’s definitely having the time of his life (see what we did there)? Charlie, the adorable little boy in the video posted above. He’s dancing along to the iconic last scene in ‘Dirty Dancing’ — and he totally nails it!

Making sure to take his cues from his on-screen dance partners, Charlie intently watches the scene, though it doesn’t look like he needs to, considering he seems to have the whole thing down! Complete with twirling, jumping and wild gesticulating, Charlie looks like a total superstar. Patrick Swayze would be proud.

He must have seen the movie at least 100 times to be this good, right? Wrong! According to an interview BuzzFeed did with Charlie’s mom, Lainie Kristina, he’s only seen the film roughly “10-12 times.” Crazy!

She goes on to say, unsurprisingly, that “he loves to dance and cannot sit when he is watching a music video or anything with dancing in it.”

Charlie first gained minor YouTube notoriety after his mom posted a video of the little guy dancing along to Michael Jackson‘s ‘Thriller’ — jacket and all! Posted four years ago, she captioned the video — titled ‘Charlie is ‘The Thriller” — “Charlie being Charlie. He just got his Thriller jacket in the mail today and had to put on a show for the neighbors!” Too cute!

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