Chase Coy Swears Off His Former Self In ‘Before': PopCrush Premiere

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Mikaela Hamilton

Turning over a new leaf has just received a smooth, placid soundtrack.

“Before,” an offering from 24-year-old Chase Coy’s forthcoming Youth, speaks to the power of razing a relationship’s battlefield so that something new and more beautiful can find roots. But the indie electro-folk singer-songwriter doesn’t need the likes of aggressive drum lines or blaring cannon fire to get the point across—his message is subdued and gentle, yet deafeningly clear.

Saying that we won’t be people that we’ve been before / Baby when we fall in love, that’s when we go to war,” Coy softly hums in the PopCrush Premiere track below, over a confluence of zippy electro-production and reliable, low-maintenance acoustic guitar. It’s the musical equivalent to a LEED-certified skyscraper suddenly shooting up beside a modest Gablefront cottage, but somehow nothing seems out of place.

Coy, who counts James Taylor and Elliott Smith among his influences, garnered a devoted YouTube following after covering tunes like “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” by Taylor Swift and “That Was the Worst Summer Ever” by Sufjan Stevens. He most recently released Indiana Sun in 2011.

Take a listen to “Before,” tell us what you think and be sure to pick up a copy of Youth on June 23. If you pre-order on iTunes now, you can get your hands on two official tracks—”Youth” and “Each Shallow Breath”—before the official release.

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