Demi Lovato’s Heartfelt Post About a Bad Car Accident Will Make You Think

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Demi Lovato
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If there is one artist who always knows how to put things in perspective, it’s the inspirational Demi Lovato. The motivational singer, who has long been outspoken about her own personal struggles in order to help others, took to Instagram this morning (Jan. 14) to share her thoughts about a terrible car wreck on a major highway in L.A.

“Last night I was stuck in 0 miles an hour traffic. Hungry, tired, I just wanted to eat and then go to sleep,” Demi wrote. “At first I extremely annoyed and frustrated because as the cars were stopped not only did I need to sleep and eat but so did [her dog] Buddy. In fact he had to pee and traffic was so bad I pulled over on the 405 and let him out on the side of the road (safely, on a leash, far away from the highway of course).”

“As I started researching why traffic was so bad I discovered there had been a critical accident,” she continued. “I don’t know if that meant it had any fatalities but I knew it was bad. And then it hit me.. I realized how selfish it was to get annoyed and upset because of how ‘inconvenient’ it all was for me. As I safely rode in my car with my little Buddy, I became so grateful that it wasn’t anyone I knew or even myself in that accident.”

“Sometimes we have to change our perspectives and just simply accept whatever is thrown our way and truly appreciate the life we have been given today no matter how bad difficult it may be,” Demi concluded. “Today I am grateful for my health and my loved ones. Life is too short so let’s remind ourselves to be thankful for the little things. Let’s pray that whomever was hurt in that accident will heal and let’s take a minute to thank our God for what we have today. God bless and love you guys.”

Sadly, the L.A. Times reports that one man was killed in the accident, and two others were taken to the hospital. It is an important reminder of the significance of Demi Lovato’s message.

Our thoughts are with the victims and their families during this tragic time.

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