Demi Lovato Accepts Engagement Ring From 5-Year-Old Fan! [VIDEO]

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Sorry Wilmer Valderrama, but it appears as if Demi Lovato has accepted an engagement proposal from another man!

But we don’t foresee wedding bells in Demi’s future anytime soon, as the man that she accepted an engagement ring from can barely tie his shoe, much less tie the knot!

According to MTV, while performing at Moline, Ill. on Oct. 12 on the Demi World Tour, Lovato noticed a little boy with a poster who was there with his family. In between songs, she told the crowd, “I saw a picture and it was online and it was of the cutest little boy and he had a poster. And the poster said, ‘I have a ring for you.’ I had to tell someone, ‘Listen I’m engaged. Someone beat you to it.’ So I want to know what your name is? Can you come up here with us? I want to see your poster, too.”

The little boy got on stage and revealed his name to be Grant, and that he had just turned 5 years old.

“I think, because you’re up here, we should make it official! Do you know how to propose to somebody?”

Demi then proceeded to show Grant how to get on one knee and propose, to which she answered, “I will”!

The adorable moment was caught on video by fans at the show. Click on the clip above to see how Grant’s (and Demi’s) life-changing moment unfolded.

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