Demi Lovato Talks Girl Power in Behind-the-Scenes Video

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Demi Lovato recently graced the cover of Seventeen Magazine — looking amazing, as always — and now there’s a behind-the-scenes peek at her fun and colorful photo shoot.

The 21-year-old singer looked effortlessly cool with her brightly colored hair, leather jackets and plaid shirts. (Is there anything she can’t pull off?) Between clicks of the camera, Demi sat down in a letterman jacket and metal flower headband to discuss the idea of girl power and the role it plays in her life.

“What girl power means to me is knowing that you have something that’s worthy, and know that you’re strong and you have a voice,” she shared.

And what about her fans? They can embrace girl power, too, of course. “The advice that I can give to girls to embrace their girl power energy is to do affirmations,” Demi advised. “Tell yourself that you’re beautiful.” Who doesn’t need to hear that every now and then?

Just like Lovatics look to Demi as a source of girl power, Demi needs idols to look up to, too! She revealed two Hollywood ladies that inspire her to be a powerful female. “My girl power inspirations are Eva Longoria and Angelina Jolie,” she said. “Those women are powerful to me because they’re in a position to raise their voice and speak out about the things they believe in.”

What do you think, Lovatics + PopCrushers? Are you feeling the girl power?

Check out Demi’s full BTS video up above!

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