Drake and Chris Brown Mock Feud at ESPYs [VIDEO]

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Drake and Chris Brown surprised viewers when the two hip-hop stars made light of their feud on last night’s ESPYs, which seemingly confirms that the two have squashed any beef between them.

Drake hosted the ESPYs (ESPN’s annual awards show celebrating excellence in sports) and appeared in a sketch featuring Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin titled ‘Drake vs. Blake.’  The sketch featured Griffin and Drake trying to one-up the other after they seemingly couldn’t agree on who should get top billing in a fake movie.

Drizzy is then seen in an operating room when Griffin, disguised as a surgeon, tells his assistants to go grab donuts before the operation.

“Oh, God, you’re the surgeon?” Drake asks with trepidation.

“Oh, I’m not the surgeon,” Griffin responds. “He is,” and points to Brown, who seems ready to dig into Drake’s insides.

TMZ has edited the longer sketch into the portions that feature Drake and Brown. Click on the video above to check it out, or head on over to ESPN to watch the full ‘Blake vs. Drake’ sketch.

The two former exes of Rihanna were spotted working in studio together last week, which was the first hint that Brown and Drake had finally settled their differences two years after a major brawl in a NYC nightclub between their entourages.

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