Drake Shades Rihanna With Devil Imagery During Toronto Concert [VIDEO]

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Some couples end on good terms, and some end with one partner calling the other the devil. Er, what?

Drake apparently didn’t remain friends with his on-again, off-again ex-girlfriend Rihanna, considering he compared her to the devil during a performance of ‘Days in the East’ at the OVO Fest in Toronto last night (Aug. 4). The stage’s backdrop flashed a blazing red “6,” followed by a flaming image of Rihanna’s face, then another “6,” Rihanna again and finally one more “6.” (“666” is often associated with Satan, Lucifer, the antichrist, the devil — whatever you want to link it to, it’s not good.)

The two stars were spotted together as recently as this spring, so some serious ish must’ve gone down between then and now for Drake to be referring to Rihanna as an evil entity.

The singer — somewhat surprisingly, since she usually sticks up for herself — hasn’t publicly commented on the diss yet, even after Drake posted a photo of himself on stage in front of a fiery “6” with the caption, “All I Know.” It has only been a day, though… We’ll give it some time!

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