Ed Sheeran Explains Why He And Taylor Swift Haven’t Hooked Up

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The wide world of entertainment can be the catalyst to warfare (just look at Azealia Banks’ relationship with her contemporaries) or, on the other hand, it can forge seemingly unlikely bonds, like that between Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift, who are inches away from being attached at the hip. So why haven’t the fellow guitar-playing pop-crooners sealed the deal? Welp, in an uber-revealing interview with The Breakfast Club this morning, Sheeran explained the platonism in two words:

“Too tall.”

“I feel like we’d look like cast members of The Hobbit…she’s, like, hanging out with Galadriel and I’ve got hairy feet,” Sheeran told Charlamagne Tha God, and said that the professional roots of the singers’ relationship has also kept them at a friendly distance. “We were writing songs, and I just get on really well with her.”

“I think it’s healthy to have female friends,” he added.

And though the “Thinking Out Loud” talent is performing in different cities every night, he said he and his school friends are still very much in touch (a WhatsApp thread goes a long way, guys…), and admitted he plans to take some time off very soon to enjoy life back in his hometown with their company.

“The first thing I bought in my career was a house, and I haven’t really lived in it,” Sheeran lamented. “I’d like to just live in my hometown for a bit…watch films, I don’t know.”

Check out the full interview for the artist’s master Rick Ross impression, an explanation of why he didn’t kiss that nine-year-old fan and a story about how he keeps accidentally c—-blocking his cousin.

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