Ed Sheeran Denies Writing ‘Don’t’ for Taylor Swift, Talks 10-Year Plan

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Ed Sheeran
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It’s well known among Swifties and Sheerios that Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are good buds. But was there ever something more in the past? Something that maybe inspired his song of betrayal, ‘Don’t’?

The British singer created some buzz when he debuted ‘Don’t,’ a tune off of his upcoming album ‘X.’ The song’s meaning is pretty straightforward: he was seeing a girl who wasn’t quite on the same page as him in their unlabeled relationship, who moved on quickly to someone else. And, according to the lyrics, he’s pretty angry about it.

When Ed recently sat down with Parade, he was asked whether the song is about his pal T. Swift. He revealed that it is “about someone who’s well known, but not Taylor.”

Hmm… There was previous speculation that ‘Don’t’ could be about fellow pop star Ellie Goulding, but Ed is keeping tightlipped outside of denying the Taylor rumor.

There might not be any romantic stirrings between Ed and Taylor, but the 23-year-old ginger isn’t lacking a love life. He does have a girlfriend — sorry, Sheerios — and while he won’t give a name, he did share that she’s a chef.

As for the future, he’s already looking ahead to what he’ll be doing with his life after he’s finished making music. “I know this isn’t going to last forever,” he said. “Now is the time when I’m making my musical statements and being cool and going to parties. But I don’t think I’ll be living this life in 10 years’ time. If I am, please slap me.”

What will he be doing in lieu of partying? “Back home, bunch of kids. At 33, I should be starting to settle down.”

PopCrushers, can you imagine Ed as a dad? Too cute!

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