Help! There’s a Lion Where Ed Sheeran’s Chest Used to Be

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Halfway and ouch

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Update, 8/12: Ed has responded to the “kerfuffle” over his (gigantic, arguably gaudy) new tattoo via Twitter. The singer insists that if he’d chosen, say, a Chinese character believed to mean “brave in battle” when it actually translates to “look at this dummy,” nobody would have cared. We beg to differ.

If you have the heart of a lion, you’re brave. If you have the face of a lion permanently etched into your chest, you’re Ed Sheeran.

The singer, who’s no stranger to tattoos, has added one very big piece to his expanding ink-collection, and in an Instagram photo above, you might swear Mufasa, himself, is staring back at you. Everything the light touches is his kingdom…

“Halfway and ouch,” Sheeran captioned the photo, in which the face and mane of a lion expand across the singer’s rib cage. Wait, so if this is only 50 percent of the job, what exactly is there left to complete? A rival wildcat? Fresh antelope kill? A “Circle of life” caption? Guess we’ll have to wait and see…

And while a lion’s pride might typically include his fellow beasts, this jungle’s King can count tattoos of a teddy bear, deciduous tree and rose among his most local disciples.

“My tattoos aren’t very menacing,” Sheeran’s previously told the Scott & Todd Mornings show. “I have a ketchup bottle and Puss in Boots on my arm. I’m not very rock and roll in that sense. They’re just weird.” Weird, and now, a little bit more majestic…

What do you think of Ed’s latest ink? Share your first impression in the comments.

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