Ed Sheeran Gave Taylor Swift a Pretty Epic Present, Reveals Details About Her Album

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When Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift exchanged Christmas gifts this year, they didn’t just go for the traditional pair of socks (or worse: coal.) While Sheeran couldn’t quite outdo the Drake-themed needlepoint she made for him, he still managed to get the ‘Red’ singer a pretty epic present.

“I got [her] a plate, it was a silver plate with all of the [Red] tour dates engraved into it, which took a while to do,” Sheeran recently revealed to MTV. (Sheeran opened for Swift for six months on the Red tour in 2013.) But that’s not all: the engraver apparently thought the ‘Sing’ crooner was just an overeager Swiftie.

“I tried to hurry the dude up. … I didn’t want to say who it was for,” Sheeran explained. “I think he just thought I was a super fan getting Taylor Swift tour dates. I was like, ‘Dude, come on, Christmas is coming.’”

Christmas is also coming a little early this year for Sheerios, as Sheeran is releasing his sophomore album, ‘X’ (pronounced ‘Multiply’) in just 10 days. In the lengthy chat with MTV, he revealed that most of the songs on ‘X’ were penned while he was on the Red tour — though none he actually wrote with Swift.

“…I definitely played her songs [I wrote], but there was never a point where we were like, ‘Let’s write a tune,’ because she’s like, ‘I’ve just done an album,'” he explained.

Totally understandable! We’re just super psyched for the impending release of ‘X’ and the eventual release of Taylor Swift’s upcoming album, which Sheeran notes she’s done “all on her own.”

“I don’t think she’s teamed up with anyone; I think she’s done it all on her own,” Sheeran said. “It’s really good.”

It’s good — and different.

“She has to evolve,” he explained. “If she makes another ‘Red’ everyone will be like, ‘That sounds like ‘Red.” But she’s evolved and I think that’s a positive step.”

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