15 Secrets You Never Knew About ‘Frozen’

by | PopCrush

Admit it — you’ve most likely watched ‘Frozen‘ at least a million times. And while you can probably belt ‘Let It Go’ word-for-word with Elsa, this video will show you a bunch of facts you probably didn’t know about the Disney movie.

For instance, the ‘Frozen’ pop culture phenomenon we’re familiar with was released in 2013, but Disney first attempted to adapt ‘The Snow Queen’ 80 years ago. Imagine how different that movie would be. (Hint: It wouldn’t include a ‘Mary Poppins’ reference.)

Of course, it goes without saying that the characters underwent some changes as well. Anna and Elsa almost weren’t sisters. In fact, Anna was originally going to be a peasant, and Elsa was going to be an evil queen. (Your ‘Frozen’-themed Halloween costume would have looked way different!)

To learn more amazing things you didn’t know about ‘Frozen’ (and ‘Let It Go,’ of course), check out the video above.

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