Facebook Wants To Be Your Music Tastemaker, Too

by | PopCrush
David Ramos, Getty Images

Facebook already informs your news consumption, keeps tabs on your social calendar and permits your mother to leave you lengthy maudlin birthday messages, so, what the hell—why not trust it with your music video tastes, too!

The social network giant is looking to garner deals with record labels to feature music videos—which almost exclusively exist on YouTube—in Facebook’s own native player, Billboard reported this morning (July 2). A source told the site record labels would choose which videos they’d want to be featured on Facebook during a test run that would end by 2016, and Facebook would then feature the selections in users’ main feeds. This, Facebook hopes, would lead to even more data about how its users consume video, and how much.

Facebook ultimately aims to chip away at the ad revenue afforded to YouTube and its parent company Google, Billboard says, and is quickly looking to hammer down licensing agreements.

According to Fortune, daily video traffic on Facebook amounts to four-billion views a day, which is four times the number of views in 2014. Further, 1.4 billion people use Facebook actively each month, and for every five minutes that an American spends on his phone, he’s looking at either Facebook or Instagram, which Facebook owns.

Where do you stand on Facebook’s potential foray into music—would it make things easier, or are you content with letting YouTube call the music video shots? Sound off in the comments.

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