Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello Hospitalized [VIDEO]

by | PopCrush

Camila Cabello was taken to the emergency room yesterday, Aug. 21, she announced on Twitter.

The Fifth Harmony singer first took to the social media site to warn fans at their Philadelphia meet and greet that she wouldn’t be feeling her best, writing:

But she soon realized she wasn’t going to be able to make the M&G and actually even had to be taken to the hospital. But Cabello still kept her fans in the loop, tweeting:

And once in the ER, the upbeat singer decided to make light of the situation, despite having missed the group’s scheduled concert. She posted a funny Vine video joking about the whole fiasco, which you can check out above.

Fortunately for Cabello, she’s feeling much better today — especially thanks to the well wishes from fans.

We love that Camila Cabello kept her spunky spirit throughout the scary ordeal, and are so glad she seems to be on the mend!

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