Freddie Mercury Was a Better Singer Than Kanye West, Grass Is Green

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Kanye West sort-of covered Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” during his bizarre headlining set at Glastonbury Festival, and someone on the Internet decided to re-edit that footage in an attempt to remind everyone that Freddie Mercury was a better singer than Kanye could ever hope to be.

In a video that has since gone viral, blogger Sam Valorose spliced together footage of Kanye’s performance with video of Mercury looking forlorn and embarrassed as he listens to the cover. The video is, truthfully, kind of funny. It could give the editors who worked on The Office a run for their money, so precise are the cuts to footage of Mercury looking less than impressed by Kanye’s performance and then, later, to photos of an unsmiling Kanye reacting to the original recording. If its purpose is to make the viewer laugh, it’s a job well done.

We implore you, however, to skip the comments left on the original performance’s YouTube page (in fact, never read the comments left on any video’s YouTube page.) They’re full of remarks like, “One of the greatest songs ever sang ruined by one of the worst singers who ever lived,” as though Kanye’s two-minute singalong could really ruin a song’s legacy.

What is it with rock fans and their insistence that rap isn’t a respectable genre? That rappers are not artists? Do people honestly think Kanye believes he’s an incredible singer? His ego may be the size of Jupiter, but he’s not delusional. When he does sing on his tracks his vocals are usually heavily entrenched in Auto-Tune, because he understands his weaknesses for the most part. Maybe the cover was a subtle nod to the haters who signed that ridiculous petition to have Kanye booted as the festival’s headliner. Or maybe he just wanted to unite the crowd with a guaranteed singalong — it’s a karaoke staple for a reason.

In any case: To borrow a phrase from Kim Kardashian, can everyone let him live?

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