Girl Freaks Out Over One Direction Tickets [VIDEO]

by | PopCrush

If there’s anything the editors at PopCrush understand, it’s loving an artist so much it nearly causes your heart to burst in a mess of all its wiry, sinewy glory. There is nothing that fills us with more glee than seeing fans react to their faves — in general — because that type of over-the-top obsession and appreciation is kind of what makes life worth living. And considering just how often we wax poetic about Zayn Malik‘s everything, we’re even more thrilled when a fan reacts so strongly to One Direction.

So when we first saw the above footage of a young girl going absolutely bonkers after receiving tickets to see One Direction, we were totally overjoyed. Screaming about One Direction in a very general sense is something we do on a daily basis, so we can’t even imagine how we would react if we were surprised (nay, blessed) with the chance to see them in concert.

The fan screams for a solid 35 seconds, unable to believe her luck and good fortune. She holds her hands tight over her face, muffling the screams for a nano-second before letting out a torturous “thank you!” to who we presume are her parents.

Some people may find this response a tad overzealous, but if we’re being totally honest with ourselves, it’s exactly how we reacted throughout the entirety of that recent One Direction television special, so there’s absolutely no judgment here. We hope you have the time of your life at that show, girl!

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