Halsey Joins The Ranks Of Katniss Everdeen And Tris Prior In Post-Apocalyptic ‘New Americana’ Video

by | PopCrush
Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

The end is nigh, kids—and Halsey makes it look so damn good.

On Friday, the rising alt-pop artist released the music video for her latest single, “New Americana, ” packing a whole lot of cinematic punch into four minutes and thirty seconds. Watch below:

Thematically, the video is basically a love-letter to YA post-apocalyptic films and the genre as a whole—think Hunger Games meets Divergent meets The Maze Runner. It begins with a somber voice-over from our protagonist: “We’re a community. They made me a leader when I never asked. We were hopeful we would win because nothing could scare us, we feared no city, and we feared no man.”

Looking particularly bad-ass in black warrior gear, we watch as Halsey enters a survivors commune hidden on an island. Inside, she and her young comrades train for battle, when suddenly a militant group raids the community and captures our blue-haired heroine, dragging her out and through the tropical forest towards some sort of campground.

There, she is tied to a large wooden stake, doused in gasoline, and apparently doomed to execution (or sacrifice, perhaps?) by burning. Luckily, just as the pyre is lit, Halsey’s comrades come to her rescue, storming the camp and freeing their fearless leader, the young fighters fleeing across the lush, green expanse of island towards their freedom.

And if you’re dying to find out what happens after that, you’re in luck—because according to the mysterious cliffhanger clip at the end of the music video, it seems as though there will be more to this story in a future video. Now we just need to figure out which track will be the next Badlands single!

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