Harry Styles Helps Celebrate a Fan’s Birthday [PHOTOS]

by | PopCrush

Have you ever dreamed of celebrating your birthday with One Direction, or more specifically, Harry Styles himself?

For one lucky fan in Los Angeles, that dream came true!

According to a friend on Instagram (discovered by J-14), Harry Styles helped celebrate a fan’s birthday by playfully smashing a cupcake in her face! The photo above shows Styles pre-cupcake fight at Laurel Hardware in the Los Angeles area.

While the friend doesn’t have photos of the aftermath, she writes that Styles posed for a picture with the group of friends and even paid for their tab.

Styles is no stranger to making fans’ dreams come true. In August, Styles proposed to a fan on stage during a concert and asked another fan to run away with him. Back in April, Styles even called up a fan and left her a voicemail.

But it’s not all just about making the ladies happy. The One Direction member is also known for brightening the days of those going through dark times, such as appearing at a sick fan’s house.

Harry Styles, keep being awesome. Directioners love you for it.

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