Harry Styles Health Scare: One Direction Singer Having Chest Pains During Show? [VIDEO]

by | PopCrush

Ow! Was ‘Heart Attack’ singer Harry Styles suffering from… an actual heart attack?

It’s highly unlikely, but a video circulating online from a recent One Direction concert at LA’s Rose Bowl has Directioners worried — and rightfully so! During the performance of the band’s ‘Best Song Ever’ (which you can watch in the video above), Harry can be seen clutching his arm to his chest as he struggles to catch his breath and get through the rest of the song.

While we don’t think it was actually anything serious, whatever it was looks uncomfortable! At one point in the video, Harry even has to put his mic down mid-verse. Luckily, the long-haired 1D singer was able to soldier through the rest of the performance, and the show ended shortly after.

In true Harry Styles fashion, he hasn’t directly addressed fans’ concerns, but he has tweeted numerous times since the show, expressing his gratitude to his fans with “Thank you so much for everything you do” and announcing a new-found love for country singer Kacey Musgraves: “It’s impossible to listen to Kacey Musgraves too much. Don’t tell anyone.”

From Harry’s chest pains to Louis Tomlinson’s poor hygiene, it looks like the guys of One Direction can’t catch a break this week! (Unless you count Liam Payne’s broken arm, that is.) Let’s hope the remainder of their tour leaves us worry-free!

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