Harry Styles Is Obsessed With Hair Accessories [PHOTOS]

by | PopCrush

Harry Styles has an innate magnetism, and for this he is lucky. His charisma often distracts from his more questionable fashion choices: heeled, mustard-colored boots; the decision to leave all but two buttons undone every time he wears a button-up; the decision to grow his hair way too long. Put succinctly: He is no Zayn Malik. He did not, however, abandon Directioners around the globe by quitting One Direction in the middle of a world tour, so we are willing to forgive his style indiscretions and celebrate his hair accessories instead. At least they are fun.

From all those times he used a scarf as a makeshift headband, to his hipster man-bun and his propensity for wide-brimmed hats, the only thing more iconic than Harry’s hair is whatever he puts on it.

Check out the gallery above to see an assortment of things we’ve seen in Harry’s hair over the years.

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