Harry Styles Look-alike Claims ‘There’s a Lot of Jealousy’ [VIDEO]

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Could this be Harry Styles‘ doppelganger?

Twenty-five-year-old Aron Dale seems to think so, even going so far as to drop out of college in order to pursue his career as a Harry Styles look-alike full-time. Whoa.

“If I go to different places, people think I am him … people sort of don’t say anything, but they take photos and sort of follow me and just stuff like that,” Dale (whose name totally reminds us of Arandale from ‘Frozen‘) told the Daily Mail.

“… I can bring a whole coffee shop or restaurant to a standstill when I go out dressed in Harry’s trademark clothing — bandana round my head, skinny jeans and leather boots,” he reportedly continued. “On top of this, I talk like him and I have the same swagger — I just am him. It can be difficult looking like someone famous but I guess this is my life now. There’s not much I can do about my face.”

Except turn it into a career, apparently.

Dale, who lives in the United Kingdom, claims “it can be difficult to have a relationship” because of the jealousy from a hypothetical date’s friends, is reportedly signed to five different agencies but doesn’t get much work in his hometown because “everyone knows who I am here, and they no longer mistake me for Harry.” He is considering relocating to London to further his career.

Directioners, do you think that Aaron Dale looks like Harry Styles? Watch the video above and tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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