Is Harry Styles Completely Naked in This Photo? [NSFW]

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Directioners, you can start thanking Harry Styles‘ cousin Matt Selley for your new favorite picture of the One Direction hottie. In a photo Selley reportedly tweeted (and then deleted) earlier today, Harry seemingly bares it all while watching TV with his cousins — with only his hand strategically placed over the, ahem, goods.

According to MTV, Harry is chilling with his cousins Matt (the selfie-taker and blonde with the backwards hat in the foreground of the shot) and Ben, who has his hands thrown triumphantly in the air as he sits in a leather couch caddy-corner to Harry’s. And regardless of his pop star status, the 1D hottie is undoubtedly the focal point of this picture because he appears to be completely naked. With his curls wrapped up in a fuchsia-colored head wrap, Harry relaxes on a recliner, throwing up the peace sign for the photo. And while we can’t be 100% sure if he is completely naked (damn that strategically placed hand!) it sure looks like he is, showing off his numerous tattoos as he stretches out in the leather chair.

Of course, the nudity is not too surprising coming from Harry, who has been known to strip down to his birthday suit before.

Check out the photo of a probably-naked Harry above, and peep the close-up, cropped shot of the same image below.


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