Harry Styles Seemingly Makes Sexual Joke on Niall Horan’s Instagram Photo

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Niall Horan Harry Styles
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Directioners, it comes as no surprise that the guys of One Direction have dirty minds. But what does come as a surprise? The fact that Harry Styles seemingly commented one seriously sexual joke on Niall Horan‘s Instagram. (If there’s anything that ever requires an “OMG,” this would be it.)

The pic in question (which you can check out below) isn’t really sexual in nature — it’s just a selfie of Niall sticking his tongue out, followed by the caption “Oi oi!” with multiple winking-face-with-tongue-sticking-out emojis. But the photo immediately turned NSFW when Harry seemingly wrote, “Can I sit on your face?” — immediately followed with a “Please?” WHAT.

While we can’t confirm that the person who made the comment was actually Harry (though you can check out the screen grab of the comment here) it certainly looks like it was, considering the commenter seemingly did so from the @harrystyles Instagram account. Was he hacked? Was the IG username actually off by a letter and the person was just impersonating Harry? Or was he just being a typical 20-year-old and joking around with his fellow band member? We know what we choose to believe.

Directioners, check out the pic of Niall below.

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