Harry Styles Says the Best Part of Touring Is the Fans [VIDEO]

by | PopCrush

Directioners, get ready to swoon. Because Harry Styles just straight-up revealed that his favorite thing about going on tour is having fun with the fans in concert.

In a recent video (which seems to be an unlocked vid from One Direction‘s ‘Who We Are’ book companion app) a sniffly Harry explained that the best moments from the shows are the ones where he can connect with the die-hards.

“I think the funnest part about touring is the interaction with fans at the shows,” he revealed in a gravelly voice. “I think when you get to see someone’s face that close up and you can kind of almost talk to them and mess around is the funnest part.”

Well, Harry Styles, we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on you during our next One Direction show. Even if you are feeling under the weather like in the above video. (Not that we mind, of course.)

Check out Harry Styles’ fan-centric revelation in the vid above.

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